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Blog Photography Tips

Useful Blog Photography Tips


Hey everyone!

Today’s post is another blogging one. So many of you really love my blogging posts so I decided I will make it a regular thing every once in a while.

Blog photography is something that everyone will struggle with at least once in the blogging world because once you choose a style of picture you like, you have to keep it somewhat consistent to keep followers and gain them. Sure it’s ok to change your background but it is best to keep the quality similar.

I’m no expert but from having my blog for a while, I’ve learnt a few things!

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(Resistance is Futile)

It is said that water is the most powerful among all things as it always accepts and never resists anything that is thrown into it, resistance is futile and ends in vain.

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A Very Positive Post From Beautiful Insanity

I will be fine. I will be fine. I will be fine. I recite this like a mantra all day. My thick skin has dents from the hits it’s taken. My tearducts have caved in themselves. My back has involuntarily slumped from my weariness. My breathing is jagged with each inhalation. I’ve paced a million […]

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