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A Very Positive Post From Beautiful Insanity

I will be fine. I will be fine. I will be fine. I recite this like a mantra all day. My thick skin has dents from the hits it’s taken. My tearducts have caved in themselves. My back has involuntarily slumped from my weariness. My breathing is jagged with each inhalation. I’ve paced a million […]

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Magnolia Trees

Sometimes when I don’t go anywhere special to take photos, I just focus on what’s around me. No pun intended.😉 I love these magnolia trees near our house. They are just so beautiful all times of the year. I’ve been hearing rustling in there too as of late. I think there are some squirrels that […]

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Understanding User Intentions in Pervasive Computing Environments

The challenge for pervasive system developers here is to detect the user intention so as to remove any ambiguity in the user’s expression of a pervasive action. Understanding user intentions can be achieved by detecting the user status and the environment status. The attention data and context data thus obtained can be connected to give us the intention data. The user intention data can be helpful in enabling PCE to provide pro-active and situation-specific user support.

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Understanding User Intentions in Pervasive Computing Environment from Karthikeyan V

Pervasive Computing – Let Us Pervade Our Future

Pervasive Computing or Ubiquitous computing is one of the latest trends in computing. Get to know the principles, mechanism and the possible applications of pervasive computing.

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Pervasive Computing – Let us Pervade our Future
from Karthikeyan V