The exhilarating mysterious journey called life

The Incredible Mysterious Journey Called Life

Once upon a time in this incredible mysterious journey called life, I had unknowingly developed a myth. It was as a result of my blind belief that I had accumulated over time a lot of good humans.

I was almost considering it as an achievement, as a proof for my contacts building and maintaining skills, something that I can boast about or brag about in a conversation for the entire life.

Even if I didn’t boast or brag too much actually, there was indeed some element of a hidden or a subconscious sense of pride that develops within, when one ends up accomplishing targets that he/she sets for.

I do not know why, but I wanted to have a good number of humans around, not concerned about their quality, which was of far greater importance than the number. I kept on accumulating humans around me unknowingly what was in store.

Little did I know many years back that, there was a world of a difference between humans that existed merely for some needs or wants of theirs and those of good quality and character, who can be relied on any time, however adverse the situation may be.

Journey of Life
The Exhilarating Mysterious Journey called Life

How would I know, as everything was fine, as everything was fun until time decided to teach me some lessons for life.

Certain unexpected turn of events happened and some time passed by. My myths were brought crashing to ground from a world of my own making and perception, more than anything realistic as far as the nature of the humans around me was concerned.

It was disappointing to say the very least, a deep feeling of being let down by many who were in my assumption and in only that, much more than mere contacts be it personal, relational or professional, since I believed they were results of my consistent efforts to build a large network of humans around me.

In sharp contrast to my myths, they revealed to me who they actually were as the circumstances became adverse or time revealed to me who they were in reality and not who I thought them to be.

Even though it felt like more of a personal grief then, as time further passed by, things were getting clearer to me.

I slowly understood that time had only swept away whatever was not worth holding on to or whatever will in anyway have left me at some other critical situation to make things even worse for me.

Time had only taken away what I never thought of getting rid of but what I had to. Time had in fact taught me a tough but invaluable lesson that I could benefit from for the rest of my life.

Even if I can not cherish whatever had happened, I am content for having realized that my half knowledge of those around me some time back, has been exposed to me for my own good.

That incomplete understanding or perceptions of those around me was almost like a terrorist sleeper cell capable of causing a great amount of damage any time if not dealt with appropriately.

In this incredible mysterious journey called life, there are experiences good and bad. It is the bad experiences, the sad moments that we don’t desire are those that turn out to be more useful to us than the good ones in the long run.

If only one prepares to be more open for time teaching some invaluable lessons through these undesired experiences, the negative impact of any such bad experience could be reduced to a great extent and anyone can become a better person than before.


Nature’s Power and Wrath Or Man’s Futile Playful Quest

The attached link is to a photograph that depicts very poignantly the futile battle between nature and man that has been going on for a long time now. On display in the photo are at on one hand, nature’s unimaginable might, fury and wrath and on the other, man’s futile playful quest to overpower nature.

With due respects to the man on view in the picture and his courage, unfortunately he is seen trying to capture with his camera the devastating tornado at full force in a belief that his vehicle will help him to escape the speed and strength of the tornado once he has had his shots, taking him to safety.

His scientific assessment or someone else’s assessment of the tornado’s expected path and speed should have given him the confidence to take such a risk to his life in going so close to death in the form of a tornado.

There is no guarantee from the tornado that it will follow the expected path in the expected speed. It is just a calculated but huge risk on the part of the person involved to do what he is seen doing.

Such quests to control, subdue or underestimate nature will undoubtedly be futile as man however has to exist in submission to nature and be wise in trying to understand and coexist with it rather than to dream of dominating it.

Click Nature Versus Man to view the full picture.

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