Nature’s Power and Wrath Or Man’s Futile Playful Quest

The attached link is to a photograph that depicts very poignantly the futile battle between nature and man that has been going on for a long time now. On display in the photo are at on one hand, nature’s unimaginable might, fury and wrath and on the other, man’s futile playful quest to overpower nature.

With due respects to the man on view in the picture and his courage, unfortunately he is seen trying to capture with his camera the devastating tornado at full force in a belief that his vehicle will help him to escape the speed and strength of the tornado once he has had his shots, taking him to safety.

His scientific assessment or someone else’s assessment of the tornado’s expected path and speed should have given him the confidence to take such a risk to his life in going so close to death in the form of a tornado.

There is no guarantee from the tornado that it will follow the expected path in the expected speed. It is just a calculated but huge risk on the part of the person involved to do what he is seen doing.

Such quests to control, subdue or underestimate nature will undoubtedly be futile as man however has to exist in submission to nature and be wise in trying to understand and coexist with it rather than to dream of dominating it.

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