Unexpected girl

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The scene is so breathtaking.The place is within the meadows,no sound of horns,so pure,I am wearing a white dress,my hair is floating with the air of freshly chilly mountain air,I am lying on the soft bed of nature,my feats are touching the blooming flowers, I am resting my head on his…

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Witnesses to a Slow Dea(r)th – India being Brain Drained and made Skill Deficient

How can any country with an increasingly large percentage of its intellectual and skilled population finding it unfit or less fit to make a living or to live, ever become a superpower?

Why On E-Universe Should You Follow My Blog?

In an age of Information Bombardment, my efforts will be to ensure that this blog is not lost in the infinite blog space instead, gets noticed for the right reasons – its content and the presentation.

Highly Essential, A Tectonic Shift in the Indian Government’s Energy Policy Towards Clean, Safe and Cost Efficient Energy

It is indeed a mystery why, even after a debatable and controversial track record of conventional energy sources excluding water, the environmental hazards that they cause and the exorbitant installation and maintenance costs associated with them, more and more investments continues to flow towards them.