Never Born Never Dead

Never Dead Lyrics

Laying here in bed
The nurse wheeled you in
Is this happening?

No, I’ve seen your face before
You were standing at my door
But that was fifty years ago?
And I don’t know
If it is true
Or is it really you?
Is my mind just reeling these pictures of you?

But you said:
“Sailor, yes it’s me
I’ve waited for this day
And I love you.”
Fifty years… I love you

It took a short moment but my soul remembers
The day we first met in brisk November
My life had changed, I never felt the same
I realized it then but I know for sure now
We were never born and we were never dead and
I’ve loved you so many lives before

Baby, take a look, now I’m old and crazy
For all that I know I’m hallucinating
But I was crazy when I met you
I guess nothing changes
Including all the charm in our two old faces
And the dreams we both built we are always chasing
The same hospital, Babe

It’s me
Baby, it’s me
I’m here love
And if you don’t believe I’ll kiss your cheek
I’ll climb into your bed underneath the sheets
And we’ll call it quits together
And that’s ok by me

You can read whole book but there’s always one chapter
That’ll change your whole life and forever after
You had a baby, I was scared and angry
I chose to leave your life, I thought I didn’t belong there
The worst thing I did in the last fifty years
Now I’m begging you, in the hospital

So if I told you we live forever
Would you ever believe?
Twelve thousand years and I can remember
You always end up with me
So let us lie here warm together
And turn the light out in peace
Cause then the next life will be such a pleasure
As we build our new dream!

And if I told you that I remember
Would you ever believe?
I love you more than forever!
But now it’s time for sleep