Ancient Hindu Lord Shiva’s Cosmic Dance and 21st Century Sub-atomic Physics

Spirituality and Science

Twentieth century subatomic world explorations show us that matter is intrinsically dynamic in nature. Hence, we can say that subatomic particles do not merely exist as isolated entities but as dynamic patterns. They form a network of interactions incessantly going on at the subatomic level. Every interaction involves a flow of energy, which manifests itself as the exchange of particles. Endless energy patterns are created as particles are created and destroyed in these interactions. On a visible level these interactions and particles give rise to stable structures which build up the visible material world that we see around us. Again they do not remain static, being made up of particles dynamic in nature and have an observable order and rhythm in the patterns. Thus, from a scientific standpoint, we can ascertain that the whole universe is in a constant state of motion or activity, a continuous cosmic dance of energy. Ken Ford, a renowned physicist, has been said to have quoted the following in this regards

“Every proton occasionally goes through this exact same dance of creation and destruction”

Modern physics thus shows us that movement and rhythm are essential properties of matter. All matter – here or in outer space is involved in this continuous cosmic dance of creation and destruction. This is what I have understood about the Cosmic Dance of Shiva. There have been two types of Cosmic Dances – one of creation (Lasya Tandava) and one of destruction (Rudra Tandava).


Also, in Hinduism, Shiva is the personification of the Brahman, which is the divine Universe. So, the Cosmic Dance of Shiva would mean the ceaseless change and flow of energy throughout the universe from the microcosm to the macrocosm. It’s a beautiful example of perfect blend of a religious concept and modern scientific proof.

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