Unexpected girl


The scene is so breathtaking.The place is within the meadows,no sound of horns,so pure,I am wearing a white dress,my hair is floating with the air of freshly chilly mountain air,I am lying on the soft bed of nature,my feats are touching the blooming flowers, I am resting my head on his cheast,our legs are crossed within each others legs.He is reading a book and i am just listening to his voice soft but so touching,his voice makes me smile,makes myself love with him even more.Then suddenly he looks at me,and slaped on my face saying that i cheated him with him another boy,i wanted to say this is not true but he kept walking away from me,i am screaming’Amay!Amay!Don’t leave me sona’,’please,I love you! Trust me!’ but he is like vanished in the blooming sunlight,All the light of the meadows seems darkness for me.A sudden sound awakens me,oh god am i…

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