Witnesses to a Slow Dea(r)th – India being Brain Drained and made Skill Deficient

How can any country with an increasingly large percentage of its intellectual and skilled population finding it unfit or less fit to make a living or to live, ever become a superpower?

Imagine a few years later in India

  • poor people without any access to well qualified doctors in their vicinity
  • commoners having to search abroad to find excellent engineers who can build homes for them
  • software companies searching for skilled software engineers from foreign countries
  • students facing dearth of high quality professors in educational institutions
  • research organizations without any research minds
  • business houses lacking the best business brains
  • technical institutes running short of technical expertise
  • industries facing scarcity of skilled labor
  • administrative services loosing able administrators to greener pastures abroad
  • media facing shortage of professional journalists
  • sports persons representing other countries

This is slowly and steadily happening in India. It is a slow dearth of skill and intellect or a death rather.We are all silent witnesses to this slow death.

India is being brain drained and made skill deficient. 

To reverse this damaging trend, educational institutions must start admitting students on the basis of their intellectual capacity, knowledge and academic interests rather than on the basis of caste, creed or community.

Our policy makers have to focus on safeguarding what is left with us immediately. Performance appraisal systems at various organizations need a overhaul. They should be aimed at retaining the beautiful minds, finest brains and exceptional talents that we are blessed with in great quantity.  

Technical knowledge and skills should be recognized and groomed.

Talent search should start right from the school level and should become an important organizational practice.

Managers at all levels have to spot, instill confidence in and nurture talent. Even governmental machinery is no exception for this. HR Professionals and managers have to be aware of best practices in Talent Management.

With dreams of becoming a superpower, how much longer can we be proud of losing out on our nation’s priceless brains and talent to others?

How can any country with an increasingly large percentage of its intellectual and skilled population finding it unfit or less fit to make a living or to live, ever become a superpower?

For how long can we gaze with eyes wide open at NRIs becoming heads of huge corporations abroad when there are only a very few such corporations back home?

How much more scientists and astronauts are we going to donate generously to developed nations when we are starving for their invaluable contributions here?

In a nutshell, what happens when the creamy layer of our country is getting wiped off, when we are dreaming of becoming a superpower is the million dollar question here.

Questions that are embarrassing; but questions that nonetheless reveal to us today, how farther away and realistic we are in realizing our national dreams.   

Is 2020 as far or is it just a pathetic case of a nation day dreaming?

Thus, this post was not about some meteorite that may or may not hit India in 2040; it was reasonably and realistically about precious human resource that is gradually and growingly getting eroded from all parts of our country, when 2020 is a mere three+ years away. The ill effects of which are visible to the prying eyes albeit unseen under normal vision.

The ‘clear and present mess’ calls upon every Indian (and the non-resident ones) to introspect on preferring big bucks over striving for our motherland’s all round development even if it is for a relatively lesser but not in any way inadequate monetary gain.

Jai Hind!

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